Our Cleaning Process

We provide a variety of different services which require a variety of different solutions to ensure that your property is cleaned right. Much of what we do is considered softwashing, which simply means utlizing chemical solutions to eliminate organic growth and grime. Not only does this make the process easier, but it reduces the risk of damaging property with high water pressures. Below is a list of just a few things that we are commonly contracted to clean.

Concrete sidewalks and driveways

The common issue with concrete is the collection of dirt and grease. This is one instance where high pressure water applications are used.  With the help of high pressure tools, along with pre-treating and post-treating practices we can make your concrete look as good as new.

Vinyl siding

How many of you either own a home or have seen a home that appears to have a green color? The build up of organic material on the siding of homes is quite common but can require a bit of care to remove. What we do at High Pressure Solutions is apply a diluted chemical solution to eliminate any organic matter clinging to siding. This process requires no high pressure treatment eliminates the risk of damaging your homes siding.


Brick often develops an abundance or dirt, grime, and organic matter and that can make it difficult to clean. It is important that the method of cleaning brick is done on a case by case basis and does not involve excessive amounts of pressure. 


One service that many homeowners don't know exist are roof cleanings. Not only do roof cleanings provide visual benefits, but they can also increase the amount of time your roofing lasts before a replacement is required. Whether your roof has something as simple as moss growth, or severe discoloration, we can clean it.


Is there a white, chalky substance on your siding. This is known as oxidation and can be highly damaging to your home unless it is removed. Without proper removal, the color of your siding will be severely faded which cannot be reversed. We at High Pressure Solutions recommend that homeowners consult professionals prior to attempting any at home remedies. If you have any questions as to whether your property has oxidation or if you would like to have it removed, please call, text, or email us.

Rust removal

Rust removal is one of the more difficult services we are contracted to provide and can be difficult for a homeowner to do themselves. We highly encourage any of our customers to seek professional help in the removal of rust stains, as opposed to spending countless dollars and hours brushing away at rust stains that just won't seem to come off.

Mud and Clay removal

Do you have reddish-orange stains on your concrete and leading into your storm drains. This is likely  as a result of runoff from areas with high amounts of clay. Similar to other things like oil and rust, clay can be very difficult to remove without utilizing a careful and highly specific selection of solutions and chemicals. 

Wood and Decks

We at High Pressure Solutions do not recommend that homeowners apply high pressure to any wooden decks or fencing on your property. High pressure has the ability damage wooden products and remove any staining that was previously applied. For more information related to treating wood, please contact us through phone or email.